EarlyWorks - Real time access for our families

Real time access for our families

Happy House uses a tool called EarlyWorks  to assist with our early childhood programming, documentation and portfolio management. The software assists us to develop highly detailed and personalised care programs for your child in a streamlined way – this means we are able to spend more uninterrupted quality time with each and every child.

Importantly for our families, parents and carers have real time access to detailed information about their child’s day. Families can view and contribute to their child’s online portfolio at any time. EarlyWorks allows families to have access to important documents such as handbooks, policies and the Quality Improvement Plan at any time and from any device with internet connection.

  • Access important communications about your child’s day, including sleep, meals etc
  • View and share your child’s learning observations, journal entries, pictures
  • Contribute information and provide feedback
  • Secure access – on any device including laptops, smartphones etc

Access the EarlyWorks Get Started Manual (PDF)