Happy House Lending Library!


Our Lending Library is Now Open!!

Membership is free and forms can be found in the office.

We have already had a few books go out and the children have been very excited about looking through and choosing from the collection.

Language, a broad vocabulary and a love of reading can be one of the single most effective ways of supporting your children towards a successful start at school. Reading is the world of imagination, creativity as well as the world of information.

Reading with children needs to be one on one with a person to have real impact. Hearing a story read on the television or on an app has significantly less impact on a child’s learning as they are not able to participate. The back and forth between the reader and the listener and the reader is what makes the biggest difference! It is called ‘serve and return’.

Early Childhood Educators’ Day

Wednesday the 4th of September is Early Childhood Educator Day.

This is our day of celebration and recognition for the heart, soul, sweat and tears our team puts into their chosen vocation.

This work is not for the weak or the lazy and I am so proud of our team here at Happy House for everything they do to ensure your children receive the very best of care while encouraging them to reach their potential. 

Thank you all.

Our Beautiful Playground!

Thank you Dusko


We had our wonderful Contractor visit us for a big thank you for the wonderful work he and his team have done on our playground along with ongoing maintenance.

Dusko has been marvellous in answering children’s questions as they have been curious about the changes.

We celebrated by giving Dusko a short concert, featuring the new classic “Baby Shark” followed by gifts and thank you cards from each of the rooms.

We can all attest that Dusko has done a fantastic job as our playground is beautiful!

Cold & Flu Season

Screenshot 2019-09-05 06.52.58.png

We are entering the season of colds and germs

As with the success we have had in the past, we were very successful in reducing the spread by following some simple hygiene practices.

We have sanitizing hand gel at the front counter as you arrive and depart.

The recommendations we made last time were to utilize the hand gel, make sure to reinforce hand washing, turning our mouths into our shoulders to cough or sneeze and to have antibacterial wipes for shopping trolleys before little ones sit in them collecting the saliva of the previous user.

The 2019 Flu needle is also available from GP’s for those who chose.

We want all our little Happy House people to stay healthy and happy this flu season!

PhysiKids is back!

Screenshot 2019-08-06 14.35.56.png

Physi Kids is back!

Physi kids will be at Happy House on Tuesdays from 11am

This wonderful program finally has room for us again and we are jumping on board to offer the program to the children and families.

The cost is $10 per lesson with additional siblings $8.

Physi Kids is geared towards 2 ½ years and up.

Check your email for more information from Happy House about this program. The website link is below.



Login to EarlyWorks for the latest

Don’t forget to Login and check out what the children have been doing.

The educators have been learning more about the EarlyWorks software so things may look a little different than they have in the past.

Join us on the learning journey and check out what has been happening!

Renata Jayne! The Seasons Show

A show full of music and fun!


What Season is it now? What Season is it next? What is happening to the plants and animals?

Renata came to Happy House to answer some of these questions for us.

As always, her shows are informative and full of music and fun.

Always engaging and not only do we walk away happy and entertained but she never fails to let us know what a wonderful group of children we have.

I think we will let her come back with another of her wonderful shows next year!

Family and Child Connect

Screenshot 2019-09-05 06.29.38.png

Support when you need it

For families who have the need of support but are unsure of where to turn to find it, there is a central contact point that will give directions to resources or organisations. It is called Family and Child Connect. It is an organization that assists families and children in the community who need support and link them with the organization or a person that can best help them. The link is below. We all need help at some time, and we all struggle with where we can find it. Family and Child Connect are the people who can get you started on the right path.

These are some of the situations they provide support for, straight off their website! 

Family and Child Connect can help with a range of family and parenting challenges. We’ll talk with you about your situation and work out the type of support you might find helpful.

We can connect you to local services that can help with:

  • managing your child’s behaviour (e.g. skipping school, running away from home, homework, tantrums)

  • building better family relationships

  • stopping any violence at home

  • budgeting and managing money

  • alcohol, drug or gambling problems

  • housing, health care or access to other community or government services.

You can use this service as often as you need. There is no limit and no cost.

Every family is different so when you speak with us you will get advice and support specific to your situation. 

What happens when I call?

When you contact Family and Child Connect, you’ll speak with an experienced family support worker who will listen to your concerns and undertake a full assessment of your family’s situation.

We may be able to help you in just one phone call – either by providing advice or referring you to a support service – or we might arrange to visit you at home or a safe place to talk. You can also work with a domestic violence support worker.

In some areas, there are family support services run by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations. Most family support services can offer families the choice of working with an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander family support worker.

First 5 Forever

from First 5 Forever website

from First 5 Forever website

Time to read!

Many different forms of research support the importance of talking and reading to children and babies. Babies as young as 4 to 6 months are benefited greatly by having someone sit and read to them.

First 5 Forever have great programs at different Logan Libraries that include story times and how to get the very best out of reading to your little person. The button below is the link to the Logan Council website for the First 5 Forever events.

Assessment & Rating!

Screenshot 2019-08-06 15.12.48.png

Assessment and Rating - Pass!

We have received our Draft Report from the Assessment and Rating team and we have passed!

It was a little stressful during the leadup and over the assessment days, but we have come through with flying colours!

A HUGE! Pat on the back to the Educators who work so hard to create an amazing environment for all our children and big thank you to the families who offered us so much support during this time. Much appreciated!

Yay us!!