Our Staff

We have Caring Educators with Decades of Experience in Child Care

Happy House is very proud of our long term, caring Educators, who take pride in their relationships with the centre, our families and children.

Miss Annette, Centre Director

Annette Davison - 'Miss Annette'

Centre Director

  • Centre Director since 2012
  • Worked in the Early Childhood Education sector since 1992
  • Celebrates 25 years with Happy House in April 2019

I have worked here at Happy House since 1994 and throughout the years have been both assistant and later room leader in every room in our service. I have worked hard to support children on their learning journey and have seen many grow and leave us as they have started their school and adult life. It has also been a huge point of pride to have 20+ years after starting my time here have children, return with their own children, remembering me and being pleased that I will be a part of their own child’s Early Childhood adventure.

I am passionate about children feeling confident and accepted. That they are surrounded by people who are there to encourage them to feel strong and capable. Don’t we all want to feel this way?

We embrace the knowledge that play is the natural state for children in the early years to learn and need us to create a warm and loving space where they are supported and encouraged to reach their potential.

I have been Director since 2012 and have worked with our team to build an atmosphere and culture where children feel they belong and are loved.

Miss Jodie, Centre Assistant Director

Jodie Ayres - 'Miss Jodie'

Centre Assistant Director

  • Assistant Director since 2012
  • Worked in the Early Childhood Education sector since 2005
  • Integral part of the Happy House family for 13 years

I have worked in the industry since 2005 and began my time at Happy House the same year while studying. Being a mother myself, I am passionate about guiding and supporting children to be confident and knowledgeable beings. I believe in making learning fun and interesting, as well as challenging their thinking, create new ideas and embed a lust for investigation and curiosity-this, in turn, encourages children to explore their world and discover new ways to engage with it.

I’m always looking for ways to increase my own knowledge and further my own learning and this desire to better myself and learn more has helped me obtain the role of Assistant Director. I have been Assistant Director at Happy House since 2012 and have thoroughly enjoyed this leadership position. As well as guiding children in their learning, I also guide my own colleagues and am a supportive team member. With Annette, our aim is to work together to provide a nurturing and memorable learning environment for all children and be a place where families can feel confident in the knowledge that their children are learning and happy.

Miss Lina

Lina LY – “Miss Lina”

Happy House ECT Teacher since 2014

I lead our Kindergarten and have been  in this role at Happy House since 2014. What gives me the most satisfaction in this job is seeing how much the children grow and blossom throughout the year. I also enjoy knowing that what I do with the children helps them to develop the skills needed for school as well as equipping them for their life ahead.

Miss Danielle

Danielle  Christopher – “Miss Danielle”

Happy House Dolphins Room Leader since 2016

I began pursuing a career in early childhood in 2015, by beginning my studies with Mrs Peppers Australian Nannying School. After obtaining a dual diploma I began working at Happy House, which has been the most rewarding and inspiring career choice I ever made. Being surround by children everyday it’s impossible to get bored, you are constantly discovering new things and you get a tiny glimpse of the world through their eyes. I’m so grateful for every child that I’ve been trusted with, it’s an honour to be a part of their lives. 

Miss Michelle

Michelle Salt  – “Miss Michelle”

Happy House Seals Room Leader since 2009

I've have worked in the  Early Childhood sector and here with Happy House for 9 years as a Educator. I have a great love for children, for their care and wellbeing, and being an excellent role model, that can demonstrate lots of patience is important to me. Not only because I love my work, but because I believe an excellent Educator can greatly  benefit a child and their development. I feel it's vitally important for children to feel, safe, comfortable, and loved. Children need to know that they belong.

Miss Ashleigh

Ashleigh Balm  - "Miss Ashleigh"

Happy House Nippers Room Leader since 2016

I have been in childcare for 7 years, and all of those 7 years have been with Happy House. As a parent, you want somewhere that provides love and nurturing for your children as you place them in the care of a Centre. I love being able to connect with the children with lots of love and nurturing and creating a positive environment to help them learn.