Our Philosophy

Play, Learn, Grow


The staff at Happy House are committed to high quality, developmentally appropriate care and education for young children.

We cater for the individual child and their needs in a supportive and affectionate environment.

The programs encourage children to become involved, enabling them to pursue interests and at the same time build on needs and challenge their strengths. Children will be accepted and cared for regardless of race, religion, disability or gender.

We have a deep commitment to complementing the parent child relationship and maintaining a caring and responsible value system.

In a safe, clean and interesting environment, we encourage children’s curiosity, creativity, confidence, independence, discovery, co-operation, language and concept information.

We strive for standards of excellence in accordance with those set by the National Accreditation Council, Early Years Learning Framework, Kindergarten Queensland Guidelines, & Office of Early Childhood Education & Care.

Our Core Values

Our core values guide our everyday actions, decisions and behaviour -  they are lived values and are interwoven and breathe life into everything we do.

Our Children are our Priority

Always always your child comes first. Our children’s voices lead the work we do and the daily decisions we make.

Every child is a unique individual. Every child has the right to unconditional love and respect and to be immersed in  safe and nurturing environments where they are valued and heard. We know that childhood is a special time, where discovery, play and exploring their world  grows confidence, capability and forms the foundations of a lifelong love of learning.

Our Team

At Happy House we work together as a strong, respectful and happy team. Individually, we take responsibility for our role and duties. Together we support and respect each other, sharing our ideas and knowledge and work to achieve common goals.

We are proud of our work, our service and our centre and we communicate both achievements and concerns to continuously improve what we do. We embrace change and are always looking to better ourselves and our team.

Our Families and Community

At Happy House, we know our families and community are our most important asset. Families are children’s first teachers and hold the greatest wealth of information about their child, we partner with our families to create high quality learning and development outcomes for our children. We embrace, invite and involve our parents and families into all we do and every aspect of our service.


We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

- Winston Churchill