Reading to Children

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Grab a book and read together!

In an age where technology has taken over nearly everything. Music, our social lives, as well as communication and work there is one thing that is hundreds of years old that the traditional way is still the best and research supports this.

Reading to and with your child.

Believe it or not devices or TV’s cannot take over the role of a child having a loving adult read to them.

Parts of the brain kick into gear when a child is read to by a real live human being that does not when they hear a story from a DVD or a recording.

Children ask questions, want to hear parts again and become curious about illustrations, the actions of the characters or the parents world famous most favourite question….. “Why?”

We learn from being curious and asking questions. DVD’s and recordings can’t answer us.

Here is a link with an article about 10 Benefits of reading to your child.