Phone Free Zone

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 Quality Drop Off and Pick Up Times

Here at Happy House we put a premium on the relationships we build with the children and with the families and we want to implement a new initiative to support positive Early Childhood experiences for the children.

We are encouraging families to support us in a “Phone Free Zone” for Quality Drop Off and Pick Up Times here at Happy House.

One of the most stressful times of the day for any child can be saying goodbye to mum or dad or both in the morning and children being able to say good bye to you properly can make a big difference and talking on the phone can be disruptive to the process.

By the afternoon your little people may feel you have been gone “forever” and are so happy to see you that it can be very deflating to have your attention elsewhere when they are trying to greet you and tell you about their day.

We understand that this is not always possible but are asking families to make every effort to make these times a great opportunity for quality interactions.